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How Often Should You Service Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels are becoming common on many properties as a green energy choice. However, like any equipment, they need regular care to work at their best. This guide will help you understand how often you should service your solar panels and why.

Service Frequency for Solar Panels

For the best performance from your solar panels, regular checks are important. Most experts advise a yearly check-up. But, depending on where you live, the weather, and your panel quality, you might need more frequent checks.

Why Regular Checks Are Important

Regular checks are not just about cleaning the panels. They help improve panel efficiency, make them last longer, and ensure safety. With good care, panels can work well for up to 25-30 years. Safety checks are also key to making sure there are no hidden electrical issues and keeping everything safe.

Getting regular solar panel service can be cost-saving in the long run. They help catch small issues before they become big, costly problems. A well-working system also gives you more value for your money. Some companies even offer yearly check-up deals, which can be cost-effective.

Factors Influencing Servicing Frequency

How often you need to check your panels can depend on:

  • Where You Live: If you’re in a dusty or polluted area, your panels might need more cleaning.
  • Nearby Trees and Birds: Leaves or bird droppings can gather on panels, affecting how they work.
  • How Panels Are Set Up: If panels lie flatter, they might gather more dirt and need more cleaning.

Signs Your Solar Panels Need Immediate Attention

Without moving components, signs of wear in panels can still be evident. Watch out for reduced power output, apparent cracks, or alert messages from the power converter. These signs often indicate a need for an immediate solar panels service.

Caring for solar panels involves not only cleaning but also checking the frame’s sturdiness, ensuring the power converter functions properly, and inspecting cables for potential damage.

Professional Servicing vs. DIY Maintenance

While you can do simple tasks like cleaning, getting a professional is often best. At EJB Electrical we have the right tools and know what to look for. This is especially important for safety with panels on roofs.

Regular checks can save money in the long run. They help catch small issues before they become big, costly problems. A well-working system also gives you more value for your money.

How Climate Change Affects Solar Panel Efficiency

With global temperatures steadily rising due to climate change, understanding its impact on solar panels is becoming increasingly vital. Solar panels rely on sunlight for power generation, but excessive heat can adversely affect their efficiency. Especially in areas experiencing intense and prolonged heat waves, this decline in performance can be particularly noticeable. Regular solar panel service in such regions, with potential cooling adaptations, is even more crucial to ensure optimal panel operation and longevity.


Regular and effective maintenance is the cornerstone to unlocking your solar panels’ potential. However, it’s not solely about the frequency but the quality of service that truly matters. At EJB Electrical we take this ethos to heart, offering premium solar panel installations, maintenance, and repairs, to ensure that your investment works efficiently for you. Partner with us for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow.

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