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Why Go Solar?

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    Tapping into the power of the sun by installing solar panels on your UK home is a win-win. Not only is solar energy sustainable, but it can offer you significant financial perks and added peace of mind.

    Top Reasons to Go Solar

    1. Exporting your excess solar electricity to the grid earns guaranteed payments from the Smart Export Guarantee - incentivising renewable adoption while rewarding sustainable households.
    2. Solar panels can increase property values by up to 14% according to one study, appealing to eco-conscious home buyers. Your investment pays off.
    3. By cutting reliance on fossil fuels, solar energy reduces your carbon footprint, mitigating your climate impact through clean power. This also provides energy security - solar electricity doesn't depend on the national grid, avoiding outages.
    4. With a 25+ year lifespan and minimal maintenance thanks to no moving parts, solar panels deliver decades of electricity bill savings.
    5. Between outstanding service, financial incentives like export payments, and environmental dividends, household solar empowers sustainable living with an excellent ROI.

    EJB Electrical & Smart Home Solutions has extensive expertise in designing and installing solar systems to maximise home energy efficiency. Let us show you how affordable and advantageous it is to harness solar power. Call today for your free solar consultation!